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New office-retail complex opens

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Japan Travel   2017. 10. 11. 입력

The Akasaka Intercity Air development is 2017's expansion on the original 2005 office–retail development, which encompass a new external green space to the site's eastern wing.

Just a stone's throw from the US embassy over the road, Intercity Air breathes new life into the area with its Green Space – a magnificent urban oasis complete with intertwining waterways and dense forestry sure to turn heads. A high-end collection of restaurants and cafes also joins the fray, many of which—including Artisan Table from Dean & Deluca, Rome-born Bondolfi Boncaffē and vibrant deli, Paliya—are nestled directly in the heart of Intercity Air's outdoor park, making for new, secluded dining options unique to central Tokyo.

An eclectic mix of restaurants dominate Intercity Air's outer perimeter, including Belgian Brasserie Court: Antwerp Port, Bistro Buzz, Mauka Kitchen, and French restaurant-bakery Courtesy. Wooden decking and expansive greenery dominates the scenery here, but stepping inside reveals a different world and an even longer line-up of brands, including Sharin tsukemen, yakitori specialists Miyagawa, Hakata-style motsunabe from Yamaya, and California-Thai kitchen, Gin Khao, which overlooks an exterior cascading waterfall linking the outer premises and entranceway via convenient underground access to Tameike-Sanno, just a few minutes walk away.

A few floors up reveals a new branch from luxury steak purveyors, Lawry's The Prime Rib, alongside the sleek, luxurious Frank Bar – promising freshly-brewed coffee and a number of alcoholic options perfect for that post-dinner tipple.

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Intercity Air is directly connected to 3 subway stations, including Tameike-Sanno which provides access to 5 subway lines. It is also within walking distance from the Hibiya line's (provisionally named) Torano-monshin Station, planned to open by 2020.

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