The Pale Sakura of Yamaguchi City

Pale pink cherry blossoms are blooming in Yamaguchi

The blossoms of Yamaguchi may be whiter than those of Tokyo and Kyoto, but are by no means less beautiful! 

Located in the Chugoku region, Yamaguchi is at the south-west tip of Honshu, and the gateway to the south of Japan. It's an area renowned for its healing hot springs, friendly locals, and incredible natural beauty. Riding around the city on a sunny day, it's easy to see why this is considered such a fabulous location for exchange students at Yamaguchi University, as well as a popular tourist destination for Japanese in the region. 

Yamaguchi's sakura season starts in early April, and by the middle of the month the flowers are at their peak. When a breeze blows, the petals soar on the wind and tumble through the air like snowflakes, creating a magical atmosphere. The trees can be seen throughout the area, from alongside the riverbanks to throughout temple grounds and the university campus. 

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