Ebi Festival 2023

A celebration of all things shrimp in Osaka

장소: Hanshin Umeda Main Store 언제: Jun 6th - Jun 12th 2023

Shrimp, or ebi in Japanese, holds a prominent place in Japanese cuisine and is a popular food for both locals and visitors to Japan alike. In saying that, the consumption of ebi has actually declined in recent years, prompting an event to promote this type of seafood.

The Ebi Festival in Osaka will be held for 7 days from June 6th to 12th, and one of the event highlights is set to be the All Japan Shrimp Championship. A variety of shrimp-based dishes will be available to purchase at the event, including the likes of shrimp lasagna, spicy shrimp wonton noodles, and shrimp cutlet sandwiches, and attendees can vote for their shrimp-filled favorites to determine an overall winner.

It's not just eats that will feature at the festival, either. There will be a variety of talks related to reducing marine litter and food loss, an aquarium touch tank for children, and more.

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The event takes place at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, which can be accessed in just two minutes on foot from Osaka Station.

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