Mar 10th
Apr 9th

Mitsuaki Iwago Exhibition

All things feline at the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art

장소: Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art 언제: Mar 10th - Apr 9th 2023

A special event taking place at the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art is set to explore the photographic works of Mitsuaki Iwago, who is famous for his wildlife shots – and this exhibition will specifically focus on cats as the subject matter. Iwago is well-versed in all things feline, and was the creator behind the NHK wildlife documentary series titled "Mitsuaki Iwago's World Cats Travelogue".

Admission to the event is priced at ¥1000, and no advance reservations are required.

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The Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art is located a three minute walk from the Dejima tram stop, a five minute walk from the Nagasaki Shinchi Bus Terminal, or a 15 minute walk from Nagasaki Station.

For those who plan to drive, the museum is located approximately 5 minutes from the Nagasaki exit on the Nagasaki Expressway. Paid parking is available on-site, and discounts are given to those who attend museum exhibitions or visit the museum cafe and shop. Present your parking ticket at the entrance and the staff will validate it for you.

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