Apr 8th
Apr 9th
저작권: Adachi Ward

Spring Flower Festival 2023

Sakura and tulips at Adachi Ward Urban Agricultural Park

장소: Adachi Ward Urban Agricultural Park 언제: Apr 8th - Apr 9th 2023

There are numerous places to enjoy the best of spring in Tokyo, and one of them is the Adachi Ward Urban Agricultural Park. The main highlights here are the 250 cherry trees and 35,000 tulips which add some beautiful seasonal color to the grounds.

The Spring Flower Festival celebrates these blooms, and the event also includes hands-on nature focused classes and sales of locally grown produce.

The event is set to run until 4pm on both days of the festival, but this will be shortened to 3pm if it rains. Admission is free, but bring yen if you plan on making a purchase.

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The Adachi Ward Urban Agricultural Park is located approximately 20 minutes on foot from Nishiaraidaishi-nishi Station, which is served by the Nippori-Toneri Liner. For those who opt to drive, paid parking is available – it's charged at a rate of 100 yen per 30 minute increment, up to a maximum of 900 yen per day.

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