Sep 26th
Oct 22nd

Journey Through Asia 2023

A limited-time event at the Tokyo National Museum

장소: Tokyo National Museum 언제: Sep 26th - Oct 22nd 2023

Parties and celebrations have been important aspects of life in cultures throughout history, and they have also been depicted in a wide variety of artworks, from ukiyo-e prints to large-scale paintings. A special exhibition coming to the Tokyo National Museum is set to explore party-related Asian arts, crafts, and archeological relics, and there will also be some art-themed lectures that visitors can attend on certain dates.

저작권: Tokyo National Museum

Admission to the event is priced at 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for university students – those who are high school aged and younger receive free admission.

거기에 도착하기

The Tokyo National Museum is easily accessible via several different train stations.

For those using JR lines, the museum is 10 minutes walk from either Ueno or Uguisudani Station.

For those using the Tokyo Metro subway, the museum is 5 minutes walk from Ueno Station (Ginza or Hibiya line), or 15 minutes walk from Nezu Station (Chiyoda Line).

If you opt to drive, the museum is around 5 minutes from the Shuto Expressway's Ueno Exit. Do note that there is no dedicated parking at the museum, however there are various paid lots in the surrounding area.

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