Craft Gyoza Fes Saitama 2022

A must for dumpling lovers

장소: Saitama Shintoshin Keyaki Hiroba 언제: Oct 4th - Oct 9th 2022

After successful Craft Gyoza Fes events in Tokyo and Osaka earlier this year, the food-based fun heads to Saitama Prefecture for six days this October. Fourteen types of gyoza from different parts of Japan will be available to try at the event, including the likes of beef cutlet gyoza served with rich miso butter from Hokkaido, spiny lobster gyoza from Tokyo, and lemon gyoza from Kyoto.

The Beef Cutlet Gyoza from Hokkaido
The Beef Cutlet Gyoza from Hokkaido (저작권: LAF Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

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The Craft Gyoza Fes takes place at Saitama Shintoshin Keyaki Hiroba, which is located under 10 minutes on foot from Saitama Shintoshin Station (Tōhoku Main Line). For those who opt to drive, paid parking lots are available around the venue.

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