ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa

Beppu's First International Luxury Resort

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Opening on August 1st, 2019, the ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa will introduce a luxurious combination of Japan's famed hot springs and the InterContinental Hotels Group's worldly glamour.

As the Oita Prefecture's first international luxury resort, the brand new resort will include carefully curated facilities such as natural baths, traditional hot springs, and a spa offering revitalizing treatments and locally-inspired remedies. Guests can enjoy the well-known Biyu-no-Yu and Myoban-no-Yu, the hot spring waters that contain beautifying properties. An infinity pool and breathtaking views throughout the seasons will also be featured in this sophisticated relaxation experience.

Beautiful View from Beppu's Resort (Photo: ANA Beppu)
Beautiful View from Beppu's Resort (Photo: ANA Beppu)

You can also expect world-class restaurant and bar experiences that offer a range of creative, seasonal dishes using high quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Found on the top floor of the resort, "Elements–Atelier & Bar” sets a new standard for culinary excellence, with each dish and drink designed to delight the palate.

InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa also offers a unique, nature-inspired meetings and events space with The Gallery. Boutique meeting rooms invite a sense of relaxation and unconventional inspiration. The interior design draws inspiration from Beppu's famous hot spring steam wisps and uses traditional Japanese paper to emit a soft light that puts a person at ease.

Relaxing spa
Relaxing spa

Designed to create a unique and immersive relaxation experience for both Japanese and international clientele, the resort's distinct sense of place comes from the various adopted elements of local surroundings to influence its interiors. Each of the 89 rooms includes bamboo work created by local artists and craftsmen, complete with a spacious design and natural materials for a sense of peace and relaxation, as well as open-air baths on the terraces. The resort and spa is dedicated to enhancing the wellness experience with botanical ingredients that resort health and harmony.

Celebrating the Opening

To celebrate the upcoming opening, InterContinental has announced three exclusive accommodation packages. The Upgraded Beppu Experience, The Indulgent Experience, and The Panoramic Experience are all available to incoming guests coming to the resort. Immerse yourself in an unexpected world of sophisticated Japanese relaxation!

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