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Sparkling Christmas at Shima Spain Village 2023

Seasonal fun with a Spanish touch

장소: Shima Spain Village 언제: Nov 2nd - Dec 25th 2023

Shima Spain Village was designed to replicate the atmosphere and architecture of a Spanish village, and it's a fun place to visit year-round. If you're visiting during the latter part of the year, they're hosting a "Sparking Christmas" event which adds some festive flair to the park.

The event is set to include a 7-meter high Christmas tree and other decorations along España Street, characters in Christmas-themed costumes, and around 200,000 lights adding a magical atmosphere.

저작권: Shima Spain Village Co., Ltd

In addition, there will be a Christmas-themed menu, including things like pancakes topped with cream to look like a Christmas tree, and pizzas that look like wreaths.

Adult admission for Shima Spain Village (1-day passport) is priced at 5400 JPY, which includes all of the park's free shows and attractions.

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Shima Spain Village can be accessed via a direct bus service from Ugata Station, which is served by the Kintetsu Railway's Shima Line.

For those who opt to drive, on-site parking is available for over 4000 vehicles.

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