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Yokohama Chinatown

4 (11 Review)

Yokohama Chinatown, also known as Yokohama Chukagai, is Japan’s largest Chinatown. An enclave of Chinese shops and restaurants has stood in this section..


Kamakura Daibutsu

4.5 (8 Review)

Kamakura’s Daibutsu is a beautiful bronze statue built in the mid-13th century (750 years ago) at Kotoku-in Temple. He has been meditating under the..


Odawara Castle

4.7 (3 Review)

The Odawara castle was built in the 15th century by Daimyo Hojo Soun. It was demolished in the 19th century by the Meji government. In 1960 the castle..


Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

4.2 (5 Review)

The red brick warehouse also known as Akarenga was built during the Meiji era to support the Yokohama port. Nowadays it has various shops, restaurants..


Sankeien Garden

5 (3 Review)

Sankeien (三溪園) Garden is a traditional Japanese style garden designed by Tomitaro Hara, also known as Sankei Hara, and opened in 1906.


Yamashita Park

4.5 (2 Review)

Yamashita Park (山下公園) is a public park along Yokohama's waterfront. The park was built using landfill from the remains of buildings destroye..

산케이엔 반딧불이의 저녁

산케이엔 반딧불이의 저녁

Late May

가나가와 현 요코하마 시의 산케이엔(三渓園)가든은 반딧불이를 감상하기에 좋은 장소이므로, 꼭 추천하고 싶은 곳입니다.

가나가와, Sankeien Garden 1
신비의 야경, 아카렌가 창고 9

신비의 야경, 아카렌가 창고

Nam Hyunjoo

항구도시 요코하마에는 관광명소로 번성하는 레트로 모던한 건축물이 많다. 아름다운 붉은 벽돌 건축물을 뜻하는 아카렌가 창고도 그중..