Winnie the Pooh Exhibition 2022

Illustrations from the much-loved children's book in Nagoya

장소: Nagoya City Museum of Art 언제: Oct 8th - Nov 27th 2022

A.A. Milne's classic children's story Winnie the Pooh was originally published in 1926, and it still remains popular to this day. A special exhibition taking place at the Nagoya City Museum of Art explores the book's illustrations by E.H. Shepard, with around 100 of his original drawings to be displayed.

저작권: Television Aichi Co. Ltd

Admission to the exhibition is priced at ¥ 1500 for adults, ¥ 900 for high school students, and free for those junior high school aged and below.

거기에 도착하기

The Nagoya City Museum of Art is located around eight minutes on foot from either Fushimi Station (Nagoya Subway's Higashiyama Line and Tsurumai Line) or Osu Kannon Station (Nagoya Subway's Tsurumai Line).

For those planning to drive to the museum, please note that there is no dedicated on-site parking lot. Patrons are advised to park at the nearby Shirakawa Park lot, which is charged at a rate of ¥ 180 per 30 minute increment.

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