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휴대용 충전기 ChargeSPOT

휴대용 충전기 ChargeSPOT

Gyujin Kim

휴대용 충전기를 대여할 수 있는 ChargeSPOT을 이용해보세요. ChargeSPOT은 편의점이나 역, 카페 등 다양한 곳에 자판기와 같은 형태로..

나라 가스가다이샤(春日大社)

5 (1 Reviews)

나라공원의 가장 안쪽에 있고, 코후쿠지(興福寺)나 도다이지(東大寺)에 낀 미카사야마(三笠山)기슭에 진좌한 가스가다이샤(春日大社)는 나라(奈良)의 심벌중 ..

Horyuji Temple

5 (1 Reviews)

Horyuji (法隆寺) is the oldest temple located in Nara prefecture and was established in the Asuka Period over 1,300 years ago. In December of 1993, ..

Yamashita Park

4.5 (2 Reviews)

Yamashita Park (山下公園) is a public park along Yokohama's waterfront. The park was built using landfill from the remains of buildings destroye..

Nagoya Castle

3 (1 Reviews)

Nagoya Castle (名古屋城) was the first castle structure to be designated as a National Treasure in 1930, however most of the castle was destroyed in..

Inuyama Castle

5 (1 Reviews)

 Inuyama Castle (犬山城) is the oldest remaining castle in Japan and is the smallest castle among the 5 castles designated as national treasure in Japan.

Komyozenji Temple

Komyozenji Temple (光明善寺) is a Zen temple founded in 1273 by the Buddhist priest Tetsugyu Enshin. The temple is known for its rhododendrons, autu..

Dazaifu Tenmangu

Dazaifu Tenmangu (大宰府天満宮) is one of the main shrines dedicated to Tenjin, the defied form of scholar Michizane Sugawara.

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