Katsurahama Beach

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Katsurahama Beach in Kochi Prefecture is a good site for a half-day trip. If you’re looking for a day of waves, sun, and sand—unfortunately, Katsurahama Beach is not going to provide. Swimming here is prohibited due to strong currents. However, in lieu of swimming, there are some great sights and spots around the beach.



Katsurahama Beach, Kochi (지도) (길 안내)

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A 35-minute ride on the My You Bus from Kochi Station.

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료마를 찾아라 1: 카츠라하마 9

료마를 찾아라 1: 카츠라하마

Nam Hyunjoo

사카모토 료마 시리즈 1: 카쓰라 해변은 료마가 태어난 코치시에 위치해 있고, 그가 자주 갔던 곳, 바다 너머에 무엇이 있었는지 궁금해 했다.


Katsurahama Beach


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