Monet's Pond

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Photo: Satoshi TAKEU / CC BY-ND 2.0

“Monet’s Pond” is a nameless pond hidden away in the countryside of Gifu prefecture. In 2015, the pond rose to social media fame due to its striking resemblance to that of a Claude Monet painting. Located next to Nemichi Shrine, the transparent glass-like water filled with Koi fishes and floating water lilies makes the area a sight to behold. 



Monet No Pond, Itatori, Seki, Gifu 501-3200 (지도) (길 안내)


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35-minute drive from JR Gifu Station (set navigation towards Itadori Flower Park to reach the nearest car park) 

70-minute bus ride with transfers from JR Gifu Station to Horado Kiwi Plaza to Ajisai-en (Bus Stop #12)

For more information on how to reach Monet's Pond, check out the Gifu Tourism Page

Monet's Pond


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