Travel to Tohoku

Discover the secrets of northern Japan

Discover the secrets of northern Japan

Japan's Tohoku region encompasses six prefectures and promises a spectacular journey for those venturing north to unlock its secrets: including the nebuta festivals of Aomori, the coastal beauty of Miyagi, and the traditional culture of Fukushima.


Visit the northernmost tip of Honshu

Aomori Top 10

Experience the oceans like never before

Popular 2 days

5 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Tohoku

from 42,900 JPY
Aomori 3 days

Best Cherry Blossom Route in Tohoku

from 64,900 JPY
Aomori 3 days

3 Major Summer Festivals

from 62,900 JPY

Rice Field Art of Aomori


Beauty and the Namahage Beast

Akita Top 10

Enjoy a relaxing break in Akita Prefecture

Akita 2 days

Cherry Blossoms at Kakunodate & More

from 42,900 JPY
Akita 2 days

Omagari National Fireworks Competition

from 42,900 JPY

Oga City Namahage Ride

Celebrate Winter in Akita


Cultural discoveries from Hiraizumi to Morioka

Iwate Top 10 Attractions

Explore the best destinations in Tohoku's Iwate prefecture

Iwate 2 days

Cherry Blossom Tour

from 42,900 JPY
Iwate 3 days

Best Sakura Route

from 54,900 JPY


Hanamaki Hotel Rose Garden


Tohoku's gateway offers inspirational views

Miyagi Top 10 Attractions

Discover the best of Miyagi in Tohoku

Miyagi 2 days

Sendai Tour

from 22,500 JPY
Miyagi 2 days

Scenic Beauty of Matsushima

from 36,000 JPY

Masamune Historical Museum

Zao Fox Village


Outdoor adventures and traditional discoveries

Fukushima Top 10 Attractions

The best places to visit in Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima 2 days

Cherry Blossom Course

from 32,900 JPY

Ouchi-juku under Snow

Janohana Garden



From Yamadera's trails to Zao Onsen's hot springs

Yamagata Top 10 Attractions

The best destinations in Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata 2 days

Snow Monsters Tohoku Tour

from 19,900 JPY
Yamagata 2 days

Zao Onsen Tour

from 41,500 JPY


Ginzan Onsen